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Top 5 reasons why we're better than Amazon and chain bookstores.

1. We have two incredible staff cats, Stan Lee and Spencer. Stan Lee would have you think he's the more incredible of the two.
2. We have expertly curated stock. For instance, we chose Pages From the Textbook of Alternate History by Phong Nguyen because it was exactly the kind of thing we would like ourselves, and thought our customers would as well. The same goes for Hidden Buddhas by Liza Dalby. Both are books you wouldn't see featured in big-box bookstores or on Amazon.
3. We offer free gifts when you buy from us. Right now, the free gift is a cat art bookmark from Tara Fly Art.
4. We're a small business. The money you spend with us won't go to a CEO's third home; most of the money goes right back into the business or towards the staff cats.
5. We do more to help the economy. We generate 64% of all new jobs, often pay our employees more, and offer more diversity in our inventory than big companies.

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