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The Story Behind the Story with author Rebecca Douglass

Rebecca Douglass has written several of the new books we have in stock: A Is For Alpine, Death By Trombone, Return to Skunk Corners, The Ninja Librarian, Death by Ice Cream, and Halitor the Hero. Rebecca also works at her local library when she's not writing books. In fact, that's how she got the idea for her book The Ninja Librarian.
According to Rebecca, inspiration struck after a coworker had gone out to run an errand. She says, "I didn't see him come back, and when he finally emerged from the back room, I said I'd been getting worried that he might have been mugged. He looked at me, bright blue eyes under a bunch of white hair, and about my size (not tall!), and said with a straight face, 'I don't get mugged. I'm trained to kill.' My reaction: 'What are you, some kind of ninja librarian?'". That was the inspiration for The Ninja Librarian, and she wrote half the book before her shift ended that night.
Rebecca also claims she used to scorn outlines because they resembled work, but she's come around because editing and revising her books is easier with an outline.

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