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A Day in the Life of an Online Bookseller

Ever wonder what happens in the life of an online bookseller? Here's an average day looks like.
Get up at 7:30 to eat breakfast and feed Stan Lee and Spencer.
At 8 am or so, walk into my home office to check to see if any orders were placed online, coffee mug in hand. If there are any new orders, get them ready and boxed up.
If I don't have any new orders, I start listing the ones I haven't listed online.
At 8:30, go back into the kitchen for more coffee. Scratch the cats behind the ears.
At 9 am, log onto Facebook and Twitter to promote the bookstore. Add some pictures of the books I have up for sale on the online bookstore. Also, get some more coffee.
At 9:15, 9:30, I usually have to distract the cats when they decide my laptop is only good as a butt warmer.
After five minutes of trying to distract the cats, give up and go read whatever book I'm reading.
After a couple minutes of reading, Stan Lee will often come over to lay on my book and purr at me. Scratch him behind the ears, laugh, and take pictures to post on Facebook and Twitter later.
At about 10, go back to listing books on the online website. Turn on the radio so I can listen to WBJC.
At 12, fix lunch and check to see if the mail's arrived with any packages of new books for me to list on the website.
If there are any new books, list them on the website after I finish lunch. If not, go back to listing the unlisted books. Do this until 2 or so.
At 2 pm, take the packages up to the post office.
At 2:30, 3 pm, after I'm back from the post office, start looking up books I think I'd like to sell in the store. Check the publisher, then go to the publisher's website. Also look up the author.
At 3:30, get some flavoured green tea, then go devise some kind of crazy marketing scheme that will hopefully go viral.
At 3:45, log onto Facebook while I drink tea. There's an unread message or two, and some notifications. Check them out in case it's important.
At 4, check my email to see if any distributors or independent publishers I've contacted have gotten back to me, or if there are any other important emails.
At 4:30, start working on event plans for upcoming events. Include goals, the products I plan to stock, and any other important information.
At 5, do some more marketing. Continue until 6:30, 7 pm.

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