The Prophecy, by Hilari Bell

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Can a bard, a sword, a unicorn and a hopeless prince save a kingdom? Fourteen-year-old Prince Perryn is teased for loving books more than swords. But Perryn's books are his best weapons to stop the dragon that is destroying his kingdom-and his one hope of earning his father's respect. When he unearths a prophecy on how to kill the dragon, Perryn sets out to find the three things needed to make it come true-a unicorn, a true bard, and a special sword. But, as everyone knows, the only thing more absurd than pursuing a prophecy is believing any of these legends might still be found. From acclaimed author Hilari Bell, The Prophecy unfolds with wit, wisdom, danger, and discovery, as any unforgettable adventure should 

Used. Good condition. Some wear and tear. Water damage to the book. Some damage to the top corners. Minor shelf wear to the bottom of the book.