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About us and press

We're currently selling online only, until we find a new space for the bookstore. We were previously located at 7221 Harford Road in Baltimore, next to Fenwick Bakery.

We started selling online in January 2016, then signed a lease for a brick and mortar bookstore in December 2019, and opened for business on January 21, 2020. We sell new books, used books, art, and various fun non-book items.

The bookstore is co-owned by Melissa Eisenmeier and Zoey. 

Melissa grew up in Baltimore, MD and has always loved books. Owning a bookstore has been her dream for about 15 years now. Her favorite genres include history, historical fiction, and fantasy, especially urban fantasy. with a dash of horror and biographies. She blames her love of historical fiction on reading American Girl as a kid.

Zoey, our new bookstore cat, was originally adopted out to a family by the Feline Rescue Association. When she was dumped in the county animal shelter by her adoptive family, the Feline Rescue Association sprung her from the shelter and brought her here. We think she's about 7. 

Our retired shop cat Stan Lee, is enjoying being retired and living at Melissa's house. Occasionally, he helps out by modeling the inventory.

We've also added local delivery. Our delivery guy is Joe S. and is a local Native American storyteller.

We've been featured in the Baltimore Fishbowl.

Visit Carpe Librum Bookstore and Art Gallery for the Literature- But Stay for the Bookstore Cat, Stan Lee.

Stan Lee Is All About the Experience

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