The Lonely Heart Attack Club- Project VIP, by J.C. Williams

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The gang from the best-selling comedy series are back!

Life rarely stands still when you surround yourself with old folk with more energy than a sugar-fuelled toddler and, for Jack Tate, well, he wouldn’t have it any other way.

The Lonely Heart Attack Club was going from strength to strength, and the gang were eager to sink their (false) teeth into their next challenge.

After seeing first-hand the benefits that internet access has brought to a couple of simpletons like Ray and Grandad, the team set their sights on providing tablet computers to those in the community that would benefit from them the most. However, that would take a serious amount of dosh, so they would need to double their fundraising efforts.

Unfortunately, it would appear that not everyone was on board with the charitable work, and a serious error in judgement threatened to undo all of their good work and leave the charity in ruins.

Used. Good condition. Some wear and tear. Bent bottom right corners on the first two pages. Curling front cover. Some shelf wear to the bottom of the book. Some damage to the top corners and spine. Price marked in spine.