The Age of Stonehenge, by Colin Burgess

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In this fascinating book, Colin Burgess brings to life the history of Britain and Ireland between 3000 and 1000 BC. Departing from the traditional stone, bronze, and iron terminology, he provides a coherent slice of prehistory in a fresh and accessible way. He explores the physical characteristics and appearance of people; their fashions in clothing and ornaments; equipment and weapons; and their arts and crafts. He looks at population levels and social and political organization and reveals that these people of over 4000 years ago were much more numerous, organized, and technologically skilled that we have been led to believe. Illustrated with drawings, plans, maps and photographs, this is the first book to deal with all aspects of this crucial period of pre-history, from early farming techniques and the struggle with the soil and climate to disease, surgery, and boat construction.

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