Heartland, by Julie Cannon

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Two strangers collide on an empty country road…accident or fate? Political strategist Rachel Stanton, jaded and disillusioned by the scratching, clawing, and mudslinging of the campaign trail, books a week at the Springdale Ranch for a much-needed vacation. Springdale sounds like just the place to exorcise unhappy childhood memories and straighten out her head. Shivley McCoy has spent the last four years casting out her own painful past, working and sweating to make her ranch a successful business venture. She has nothing in common with fast-living Rachel Stanton, and after their inauspicious first meeting, is quite certain she’ll never see her again. Shivley is thrown when she comes face-to-face with Rachel among her group of new arrivals, and sparks of a most unexpected sort ignite. We have to stop meeting like this. People might talk. And what would they say? That we're madly in love and can't bear to be apart.

Used. Good condition. Some wear and tear. Some damage to the side and corners of the book. Some shelf wear to the bottom of the book.