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Clinical Distance, by Maria Ciletti

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In the sequel to The ChoiceClinical Distance begins six years later with Mina Thomas, who has finished medical school. After divorcing her husband, Sean, and losing Regan Martin, the love of her life, Mina sets out on a quest to make her way in the world and to find the love she lost. Mina dates-a lot-but after many meaningless rendezvous with nameless women, Mina decides to give up on finding love and devotes her time solely to her career as chief resident at City Hospital.

However, one night after having dinner with her best friend and confidant, police Sergeant Rosemary Rosetti, Mina discovers that the love she was searching for might possibly have been right under her nose all along. That's when Regan steps back into Mina's life.

Will Mina sacrifice her heart for another chance at love, or will she keep a clinical distance?

Used. Good condition. Some wear and tear. Minor shelf wear to the bottom and bottom corners of the book. Minor damage to the spine.