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More Than Paradise, by Jennifer Fulton

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In More Than Paradise two very different women battle danger, risk all, and find in one another an unexpected ally and an unforgettable love.

Botanist Charlotte Lascelles can't believe her luck when she is selected for a three month research expedition in the Foja Mountains of New Guinea, exploring a lost world that is home to countless new species. The last thing she expects is to find her team being led deep into the mist-shrouded jungle by a woman who has spent the past fifteen years working as a mercenary soldier and interpreter for shady characters in Indonesia and East Timor.

To make matters worse, Ash Evans proceeds to hit on her five minutes after they meet. Although friends accuse Charlotte of being uptight, she simply has standards, and they don't include hooking up with brazen flirts like Ash. She can't wait until the helicopter returns to take the distracting and far too sexy guide out of her sight.

But things aren't going her way. Torrential rains wash half the camp into a ravine, and when one of the scientists goes missing, the team is forced away from the helicopter rendezvous location on a journey deep into the unknown. Compelled to share a tent with her nemesis, Charlotte soon finds her determined reserve no match for the feelings Ash ignites.

Used. Good condition. Some wear and tear. Minor shelf wear to the bottom of the book. Medium damage to the side and corners of the book.