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Stations of Shadow, by J. Daniel Stone

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On the surface, New York City is a gentrified play toy for the rich. But underground, the art scene is weirder than ever.

Sebastian Ricciuti, known by night as the Hydra, wants to change the way people think about drag by infecting the scene with a macabre flavor, even if that means exposing the ghosts in his head and finding the way beyond his own flesh. To be the best, a performer must reach into their psyche and pull out the nightmares that lie beneath. What would happen if we tapped into the full potential of our brain? Could it change person’s skin and reveal the monster beneath?

Adrian Zapatero, better known as Hera Wynn, wants to be the sickest drag performer New York City has ever seen. He will stop at nothing until he is the supreme. Bejeweled in glitz, tattooed with lace, and slathered with lipstick the color of shadow, Sebastian and Adrian bring freak culture back to subterranean clubs with storms in their eyes and theatrical violence in their heart.

But at what cost? Desire makes people weak. Envy breeds bitterness. Artists incite their own insecurities. There can only be one Queen of the Night. And she must do whatever it takes to earn that crown, even if it means destroying romance, reputations and friendships. Sycophants can only take so much emotional distress before they implode.