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A Tale of Two Cities, by Charles Dickens

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The storming of the Bastille...the death carts with their doomed human carts...the swift drop of the guillotine blade - this is the French Revolution that Charles Dickens vividly captures in his famous work A Tale of Two Cities. With dramatic eloquence, he brings to life a time of terror and treason, a starving people rising in frenzy and hate to overthrow a corrupt and decadent regime. With insight and scenes with unforgettable characters: the sinister Madame Defarge, knitting her patterns of death; the gentle Lucie Manette, unswerving in her devotion to her broken father, the heroic Sydney Carton, who gives his life for the love of a woman who would never be his.

Used. Good condition. Some wear and tear. Slightly yellowed pages. Some wear and tear to the bottom, top right corner, and top of the book.