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3 books Stan Lee recommends

Posted by Stan Lee on

Hello, humans. This is Stan Lee the most handsome furry god and the most awesome bookstore cat. I have 3 books I highly recommend for you.

1. Dreams of Darkness, by Elizabeth Burton
I look spectacularly, incredibly, unbelievably handsome lounging next to this book, don't I? That's partly why I like it so much. I also like it because the main character, Randrik, sometimes seduces women. I related to him because I'm also good at seducing women. I like seducing them into petting me, giving me head scratches and catnip treats, and telling me how handsome and smart I am. The main difference between us is that Randrik has to do it for his aunt. He promised her he'd seduce a girl raised by abusive humans who tried to destroy her magical heritage, because her suppressing her heritage could be fatal. 
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2. The Hollow Sun, by D.L. Wainwright
It's a little hard to see because this picture is blurry, but I look amazing and handsome next to The Hollow Sun. I'm such a handsome cat. Me and the human both liked this book, although I think the human might have liked it more. It's urban fantasy, and I think she has a thing for urban fantasy more than I do. Lucy is a teenager whose biggest concerns are her grades, college applications, and her widowed mother. That is, those are her biggest concerns, until she stumbles upon something she's not supposed to see: monsters. Lucy and her friends are roped into killing monsters. I liked it because the author is a cat person, and cat people make the best writers.
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3. Homegoing, by Michelle Markey Butler
Homegoing by Michelle Markey Butler looks amazing next to me, doesn't it? Okay, I admit, anything looks amazing next to my dark fur. I'm such an incredibly handsome cat that I make anything look good. Homegoing doesn't have to try too hard, though. See, there's a princess who was disowned, displaced, and stripped of her powers. She's now building a new life in a different land, copying books and building the library of her adopted lord in a land where almost no one could read. A ship delivers a letter and sails off before the lord and the princess can respond to the letter's demands or to tell them they've never heard of them.
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