3 books so good that made me purr, by Stan Lee the cat

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 This is a post from Stan Lee the cat. It has been edited by the humans to add in prices and links to buy the books for your convenience. Links to buy the books are bold and underlined.

I'm a very smart cat. I'm incredibly smart. Unbelievably smart. I'm too smart for words. I enjoy being a smart cat. I also enjoy lounging on books and absorbing the text. Sometimes, the books are so good they made me purr. Here are three books so good they made me purr when I laid on them and absorbed the text.

One of my recent favorites is The Crows of Beara by Julie Christine Johnson. I helped Mom read it about two years ago. I decided to reread it this month, because it's awesome. Annie is a recovering alcoholic. Her marriage is failing and her career is in shambles because of it. Her boss sends her to Ireland to get the community to agree to a copper mine that local residents are resisting because of the potential environmental damage. If Annie fails, she could be fired. However, the mine would encroach on the habitat of an endangered bird, and the community wants to protect their wild, beautiful home. Among the locals who wants to protect his community is a local artist named Daniel, who is battling demons of his own. The two of them are inexplicably drawn together by a strange voice. I liked it because the author is a confirmed cat person. New, $18.95

Last year, Mom showed me a copy of Forgetting English by Midge Raymond she'd ordered from the publisher for the bookstore and said I would probably like it because Midge and her husband, John, are confirmed cat people. They have three cats, and adopted their last cat, a pretty girl named Shelby, quickly after their furry boss man Harlan died. Mom was right; I sat on the book as soon as she showed it to me, and it was so good it made me purr. In addition to Forgetting English being by a confirmed cat person, I also liked it because a short story collection. Short story collections are purr-fect for reading in between naps, demanding attention from your humans, and catching cat toys dangled in front of you, all of which I excel at. New, $17.95

Several years ago, I helped Mom read No More Goddesses by Kim Baccellia. I liked it so much I laid on it repeatedly, and purred the whole time. The author is more of a bird person than a cat person, but I still liked her book a lot. 15-year-old Jordan finds an old bracelet at her grandma's house. It was used in a movie Jordan's favorite actress, Audrey Hepburn, was in. Jordan puts the bracelet on, hoping it will bring her love, but instead, the ancient Egyptian goddess of love, Hathor, is unleashed. Another Egyptian goddess, Bastet, protects Jordan and her family from Hathor. The goddess proceeds to wreak havoc on Jordan's life and on the social scene of her high school. I liked it because it has two Egyptian goddesses, and I love reading about my peers. New, $14.99.


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