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True Love, by Jennifer Fulton

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Rosie Brooke only wishes she could be as successfull in her love life as she is as a stage actress. The one constant in her life these days is her meeting every Wednesday with Zoe, Nicole, Julie, Caroline, and Anne--stylish, intelligent, professionally successful women.

The purpose for the meeting? A no-holds barred discussion of all their love lives, with only two rules: the women must tell the truth, and they most not become romantically involved with one another.

Do they follow the rules? What do you think?

Rosie is soon pursued by Zoe, a high-powered defense attorney whose last love managed to breach every one of her defenses. Accountant Nicole lusts after sophisiticated Julia, whose reaction is distant--intil Nicoles tries a distinctly new approach through Rosie. Caroline, director of a PR firm, is no the rebound from a six-year relationship and her new interest appears to be the bottle. Anne, with a lover and a child is the only contented member of the group--or is she?

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