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The Wizard and the White House, by Mike Maggio

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President Gerald Wellington Thorne, a bumbling, ineffective leader, wakes up one morning to discover that his mouth has disappeared.
On the very same day, Larry White, a porter at Union Station, wakes up from a long night of drinking and realizes that he now has two mouths. His wife decides that this is actually a blessing in disguise, one that offers her a chance to save her husband from drink and eternal damnation. She enlists the help of her pastor, who in turn recognizes this as his once-in-a-lifetime chance to transform his run-down storefront mission into a lucrative mega-church.
And while Thorne and White are assessing their respective dilemmas, Fuzzaluddin Choudry, a humble and affable immigrant butcher from Pakistan, hears the voice of God in a water spout in Washington, DC's Tidal Basin. The voice tells him that he has been chosen to save the President of the United States.