The Wild One, by Lyn Denison

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Since her husband's untimely death, Rachel Weston has had little time to think about anything except the needs of her two young children and her growing landscaping business. But for reasons she could never understand, she sometimes thought of Quinn Farrelly... A survivor from the wrong side of the tracks, the roguish Quinn had reveled in the role of the town's lovable black sheep. Until that day 12 years ago when she was sentenced to prison for a tragedy she may - or may not - have caused. Released on parole, Quinn needs a job - and Rachel needs a hired hand. Rachel knew that helping Quinn would cause an uproar among her neighbors, but she never expected the dizzying upheaval in her own heart... or how Quinn's wild yearnings would change her life forever.

Used. Good condition. Some wear and tear. Medium shelf wear to the bottom of the book. Medium damage to the bottom corners and the side of the book. Minor damage to the side of the book.