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The Tower and the Fox, by Tim Susman

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In May of 1815, a magical attack devastated Prince George's College of Sorcery in the Royal Colony of Massachusetts Bay. Desperate for more apprentices in times when the once-quieted talk of revolution in the American Colonies is growing louder, the sorcerers throw open their doors to anyone--including Kip, seeking to become the first Calatian (a race of animal people created by magic hundreds of years ago), and Emily, seeking to become the first female sorcerer. Besides the mystery of who launched the magical attack, Kip will unearth other oddities, including a voice that speaks into only his head and a book that makes people forget he's there. With Emily and their friends, Kip will also have to overcome hostility from sorcerers, classmates, and his own fellow Calatians to prove their worth.