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The Remnant, by Christy Kenneally

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Deep within the Vatican-as the Pope lies on his deathbed- intrigue seethes dangerously beneath the surface in this debut thriller of religious ambition gone horribly wrong.
The Pope is dying. A civil war of the cloth erupts: a secret group of conservative Catholic priests starts a bloody campaign to ensure their cardinal takes his seat in the Vatican. The call themselves the Remnant, and they will take no prisoners as they begin their attacks on any liberal clerics who might thwart their plans to start a new Crusade against Islam.
Enter Irish-born Father Michael Flaherty, a former U.S. Marine, currently based in upstate New York. Alerted by a close friend- a New York City police detective- that the deaths of radical priests in Manhattan have been linked to a man who has fled to Rome, Flaherty goes on the hunt, a task made all the more deadly because both sides wear the same uniform.
In the shadow of the Pope's final days, a showdown looms beneath the Vatican in this richly layered thriller by a new master of the form.

Used. Good condition. Some wear and tear. Medium shelf wear to the bottom of the book. Medium damage to the top of the dust jacket.