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The Dollhouse, by Nicole Thorn

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Riley Cain. Layla Hall. Adalyn Mitchell. Kylie Michaelson. Those are the four girls kidnapped from their hometown over seven years ago, and they’ve finally broken free of their prison. Suddenly, they find themselves thrown back into society. Now nineteen, the girls have to try and acclimate to how their families have changed, as well as the world around them. Nothing is as it was. Riley soon meets Wilson, a broken boy living next door and trying as hard as he can to take care of his family. He seems to be the only one who treats Riley like she’s more than a china doll, fated to shatter at any moment. The two grow closer, helping to soothe each other’s pain. Riley just wants to feel human again, and she’s willing to do anything to get there. The only problem is that Wilson doesn’t want to go too far. He's torn between protecting Riley, and letting her find her own way. He wants to be the good guy, but he also wants to be the guy who gets the girl he loves. Wilson is stuck fighting what he and Riley both want, and he’s sure it’s for all the right reasons. Everyone thinks they know what Riley needs, but to her, it all just looks like another cage.