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Such a Pretty Face, by Gabrielle Goldsby

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Mia Sanchez is rocked when her partner of four years, Brenda Montalba, informs her that she has fallen out of love with her and that she's planning on leaving town for several months to give them time to "think about their future together." Mia hadn't thought words could be more painful until Brenda followed up hers with, "You've really let yourself go over the last few years." Alone, hurt, and embarrassed, Mia decides to take the advice of her sales assistant and friend Mathew "Goody" Good, the self crowned Queen of Getting Dumped when he tells her, "The best way to get over them is to get even."

Used. Good condition. Some wear and tear.-Some damage to the spine and side of the book. Minor shelf wear to the bottom of the book. Price sticker from previous seller on the back of the book.