Silver Threads, by Lynn Denison

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Australian artist Melanie Jamieson feels her life is on a one-way trip to nowhere. Since the unexpected breakup of her six-year relationship with the author of the children's books she illustrates, Melanie has been unable to drag herself out of an ever-deepening depression. To make matters worse, Melanie is constantly running into Terry and her new girlfriend.

Wavering between anger and despair, Melanie decides to leave Melbourne and visit her family in Queensland. Once there, she discovers that her parents are going out of town. In an effort to keep Melanie's mind off her problems, her mother convinces her to stay with their former neighbor, Crys Hewitt, who needs help to make ends meet on her farm.

Unknown to Melanie's mother, when Melanie was a shy, confused teenager, she had an incredible crush on Crys, and now feels she made a complete fool of herself trying to win the woman's attention. Despite her initial reluctance, Melanie finds herself back on the farm — and back in the life of the attractive and sensuous older woman.

Used. Good condition. Some wear and tear. Medium shelf wear to the bottom of the book. Medium damage to the corners of the book. Minor damage to the spine.