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Rutherford, Canine Comic, by John V. Madormo

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Comedy is hard...
...especially if you're a basset hound. Some dogs fetch sticks. Others roll over. Some even play dead. Meet Rutherford, a bona-fide stand-up canine comedian-with a cutthroat agent who's driving him crazy.
Teaming up with Ace seemed like a great idea-someone to find Rutherford places to do what he loved and get paid for it. But as time wears on, what was once his favorite thing to do stops being fun. Worse, he's losing all his old friends because he's too busy to hang out.
Rutherford's collie friend Marge seems to have the escape plan he needs, but Ace insists Rutherford has to do one last gig. There's something nasty about the old warehouse on the far side of town, but there he discovers another old friend-shy, frightened Boomer the Scottie. At first, he's happy to know Boomer's getting help for his shyness, but then he learns not only isn't that the case but that Boomer is in mortal danger.
Breaking his word, Ace demands Rutherford do one final performance for the pitbulls. Once that's done, Rutherford can go home and pick up his old life where he left off.
But can he just quit working for Ace and leave his old friend in terrible danger?