On Our Backs Guide to Lesbian Sex, edited by Diana Cage

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World-renowned authorities on lesbian sexuality explain it all for you. This remarkable volume showcases the best writing on lesbian sex and desire in the 20-year history of On Our Backs magazine. Illustrated with stunning photographs by Phyllis Christopher, Michele Serchuk, Christine Kessler, and Rebecca McBride, The On Our Backs Guide to Lesbian Sex provides expert advice on virtually all topics related to women’s sexuality, including gender, BDSM, body-image issues, polyamory, fisting, strap-on use, topping and bottoming, and anal sex. Even basics such as kissing, cruising, and flirting are covered.

Contributors include: Tristan Taormino, Patrick Califia, Michelle and Joan Nestle

Used. Good condition. Some wear and tear. Minor damage to the corners and top of the book. Minor shelf wear to the bottom of the book.