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Elementari Rising, by Nancy Hightower

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Winter moves like a predator, taking villages one at a time, leaving the people either dead or half mad. For thousands of years, the Elementari — spirits of the elements — have slept peacefully under the watchful eye of the Terakhein, a guardian tribe that protects them. But now that the Elementari have started to awaken, the Terakhein are nowhere to be found. In Gaelastad, where the trees never die, eighteen-year-old Jonathan is haunted by dreams of a little girl: the last of the Terakhein. Fleeing from enemies across treacherous lands, Jonathan must survive and find the girl. Fortunately, help comes in the form of Bryn, a terrible fire spirit, and Morgan, the most beautiful — and deadly — of water spirits. But are they strong enough to give him the time he needs to find the missing girl and stop the tide of destruction?