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Angel in the Alley, by Keith Clemons

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When Bibles are banned in the name of world peace and the church goes underground to survive, how far will one man go to keep Christianity alive? A gripping story that will touch readers' hearts. Peter Dufoe has enough money to purchase anything his heart desires- except the life of Angela, his seven year old daughter. She is dying of cancer. Angela wants to spend her final days with her family but Peter's on the run accused of sedition and murder, and her nurse wants her terminated to end her pain. Stealing Angela from the hospital, Peter hitches a ride on an eighteen wheeler driven by a trucker with a pet Chihuahua and the adventure begins. It's a race against the clock with his own imprisonment and the death of his daughter at stake a journey that will challenge Peter to become the man he truly is."

Used. Good condition. Some wear and tear. Price marked in pencil. Some damage to the bottom of the spine.