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Morgan's Raiders, by Dee Alexander Brown

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In 1861, Morgan's Raiders rode into the Civil War and within months attained almost legendary fame. Officially organized as the 2nd Kentucky Cavalry, C.S.A., they called themselves the "Alligator Horses" and were the farthest ranging unit in the war--riding, skirmishing and fighting full-scale battles in ten states.

Riding the finest horses in the country, Morgan's men were heroes in the South and outlaws in the North. Captured or imprisoned, they usually escaped--and promptly returned to raiding, recruiting and "borrowing" horses and supplies.

But in 1865, Morgan's Raiders were a shattered regiment of foot soldiers, making their last formation to escort Jefferson Davis on his flight southward from Richmond.

Used. Hardcover. Good condition. Some wear and tear. Minor shelf wear to the bottom of the book. Glue residue on the front cover from a sticker from the previous seller. Minor damage to the top of the book.