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Army of the Cumberland, by Thomas B. Van Horne

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Through the long ordeal of the Civil War, the Army of the Cumberland served the Union with great distinction - from its initial formation in KY during the first months of conflict to Sherman's decisive March to the Sea. This classic work traces the entire history of The Army of the Cumberland, presenting detailed coverage of its composition, leading generals, field of operations, and heroic efforts in some of the greatest battles of the Civil War. The author provides vivid descriptions of the Battle of Shiloh, the operations agains Corinth, the campaigns of Perryville and Stone River, the Battle of Chickamauga, and the siege of Chattanooga. Here also are stirring accounts of the siege and fall of Atlanta, the Battle of Franklin the taking of Savannah, the capture of Confederate President Jefferson Davis, and many other memorable events.

Used. Hardback. Excellent condition. Some minor wear and tear. Minor shelf wear to the bottom of the dust jacket. Minor damage to the top of the dust jacket.