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Poetry bundle

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Includes one copy of Ashley Sugarnotch and the Wolf by Elizabeth Deana Morris Lakes and one copy of Continental Breakfast by Danny Caine. 

Continental Breakfast: 

Continental Breakfast, an often-humorous book, explores the effect of mass commercialism on identity, love, religion, and the American landscape. From Kanye West at Waffle House to dead malls to Passover candy, the book questions how branding and celebrity function as filters through which we see the world.

Ashley Sugarnotch and the Wolf:
Poetry. Women's Studies. In the mythic world of ASHLEY SUGARNOTCH & THE WOLF, two characters are cosmically intertwined, both moored to their past and to the expectations of society. Through syllabic and prose poems, the collection asks questions about what happens when people find themselves in a cycle of violence. Myths, retold over centuries, also mean that these cycles repeat through the storytelling. Both Ashley and the Wolf are modern, but they are forever tied to their myth.