The Baltimore Kid: Collected Texts, by Tom Diventi

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Thirty essays from Tom DiVenti's original Splice Series, an American mythology in plain language. The author defines himself, his context and our shadows, all in flickering neon. Mr. DiVenti survived the game and took the trouble to write it all down, aware of this moment in history. The essays are meant to be read aloud, where drinks are served, and lighting isn’t great.
He writes of the confused emotion defining an age in which we are saturated in the deep fried oil of advertising. Used car salesman are synonymous with American politicians. The collection is timed perfectly. Not since the sixties has there been this much outrage with the irrationally driven state of affairs, our cycles of corruption and abundance of hidden information. Tom writes about what we have stepped in, that pile on the sidewalk, communicating like a beer bottle thrown against a barroom wall, shattering beside the black and white broadcasting evening news that reports on all that is being “destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked . . .”