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The Battling Bucktails of Fredericksburg, by William P. Robertson

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Still reeling from the terrible Battle of Antietam, the Bucktails hardly dreamed they would face even greater trials at Fredericksburg. Besides the Rebel menace, the famed rifle regiment was forced to overcome grueling mud marches, the lack of warm clothing, and a steady diet of embalmed beef and sheet-iron crackers during this brutal winter campaign. Add dissension within their ranks, the harsh leadership of General George G. Meade, and the jealousy of the other Pennsylvania Reserves, and the Bucktails' survival was a true testament to their battling spirit. This fourth novel of the Pennsylvania Bucktail series focuses on the courage and tenacity of the volunteer soldiers who suffered from every conceivable deprivation and yet persevered at the Battle of Fredericksburg.

Used. Good condition. Some minor wear and tear. Minor shelf wear to the bottom of the book. Price marked in pencil.