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The cats' picks for National Poetry Month

Posted by Melissa Eisenmeier on

Around here, the cats are very serious about poetry. Here are some poetry collections His Royal Majesty King Stan Lee and Her Royal Highness Princess picked out to celebrate National Poetry Month. (I like poetry, too, but the cats like it even more.)

1. Everyone A Bell, by S.B. Merrow

Since Her Royal Highness Princess Zoey is quite the poetry aficionado, we're not surprised she picked out Everyone A Bell by S. B. Merrow. What did surprise us was that she was mum when we inquired about her favorite things about this book. Despite her reluctance to tell us what she liked, I think I figured out what she liked about this book. I think it's because this book is sophisticated and exquisite- just like Her Royal Highness. New, $16. Buy it here.

2. Thresholds and Other Poems, by Matt Hohner

Both His Royal Majesty King Stan Lee and Her Royal Highness Princess Zoey liked this. Her Royal Highness Princess Zoey even gave it the official cat butt stamp of approval and four paws up, but declined to say why she liked it. (We suspect she was hoping to get some catnip treats if she convinced people to come in and buy it by saying she liked it, as she was eyeing the bag of catnip treats off to the left and out of sight in this picture.) Stan Lee says he liked it because it was a good book, and further divulged that the author is a cat man, and that confirmed cat people make the best writers. New, $15. Buy it here. 

3. Ashley Sugarnotch and the Wolf, by Elizabeth Deanna Morris Lakes

The publisher sent me an advance review copy of Ashley Sugarnotch and the Wolf by Elizabeth Deanna Morris Lakes last year, which His Royal Majesty King Stan Lee couldn't keep his paws off of. I had left it on top of the shelf where I kept all the books waiting to be priced and sorted until I had a chance to read it, and he kept sitting and laying on it. Her Royal Highness Princess Zoey also gave it the cat butt stamp of approval, and sat on it repeatedly. Unfortunately, I could only get a picture of Zoey with it. Both cats liked this book because the author is a confirmed cat person. New, $16. Buy it here. 

4. An Exorcism of Angels, by Stephanie Wytovich

Stephanie Wytovich seems to be Her Royal Highness Princess Zoey's favorite author. Her Royal Highness sat on various books by this author repeatedly, and seemed to have a special fondness for An Exorcism of Angels in particular. She sat on it more than any other book. New, $13.95. Buy it here.


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