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Stan Lee's new favorite book: Rose of No Man's Land

Posted by Stan Lee on

Bookseller's note: This book review has been edited by the humans to add in prices and links to buy this book.

Used, $2.99. Buy it here.

Rose of No Man's Land by Michelle Tea is my new favorite book. I parked my handsome furry self on this book today because it was so good. I wandered off to get some catnip treats from my second favorite wingwoman before Mom could get a picture of me lounging on Rose of No Man's Land (handsomely, of course). I did, however, agree to a picture of me reading this book.

Teenaged Trisha Driscoll is taking in her hometown of Mogsville, Massachusetts- a land that has shamelessly surrendered to cookie cutter chain stores and other boring, corporate things. Trisha is cynical, naive, and disappointed by a world that ignores a teenager's perspective.

I liked it because I'm awesome and only like awesome books. 



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