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3 books I recommend: a guest post from Zoey the cat

Posted by Melissa Eisenmeier on

This a guest post from Zoey the cat. It has been edited by the humans to add in prices and links to buy the books for your convenience. Links to buy the books are bold and underlined. 

I'm amazing and adorable, okay? I'm the amazingest, adorablest furry princess you've ever seen. As the amazingest, adorablest cat alive, I have three books to suggest for you. I read them by sitting on them and absorbing the text. I'm smart and amazing like that. Extremely smart.

 My favorite book I read at the bookstore was An Exorcism of Angels. It's by a lady named Stephanie Wytovich. It was so good I had to park my kitty butt on it, and my kitty butt is the absolute cutest. I look spectacularly adorable sitting on it, don't I? An Exorcism of Angels explores heaven and hell. I liked it because of the heaven thing. Anywhere I am is heaven. Especially if I'm running up to you for head scratches, attention, and love. Also, I deserve to have poetry read to me because I'm amazing and adorable, okay? 

New, $13.95. Buy it here.

I liked Everyone a Bell. It's by a local writer named S.B. Merrow. She lives in Baltimore. I liked this book because it's poetry, and I'm such a special, adorable cat that I deserve to have poetry read to me and written about me. I'm also a very smart cat, which I've already mentioned. Also, the poems in this book are exquisite, just like me, which is another reason I liked this book. I'm very exquisite. Extremely exquisite. I'm so exquisite it's unbelievable. The poetry has also been described as beautiful, which is another word Mom has used to describe me. She says I'm too beautiful for words.
New, $16. Buy it here. 
Another book I liked is Thresholds and Other Poems, by Matt Hohner. One of the big reasons I liked it is because it's poetry. I like poetry, especially if it's about me or read to me. One of the other reasons I liked this was the author is a confirmed cat man, and everyone knows cat people make the best writers. Don't I look exceptionally cute sitting on this? Mom thinks I do, but then, she always thinks I'm exceptionally cute. She did say I looked particularly cute sitting on this. That's another reason I liked this: I look cute sitting on this. She said I'm smart for sitting on this and several other books and absorbing the text, too. There's also a lot of attention to detail in this book.
New, $15. Buy it here.

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  • Love you, Princess Zoey! xoxo

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