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Bookish trend to follow: books from independent publishers

Posted by Melissa Eisenmeier on

Lately, independent publishers have been getting a lot of attention. The public likes that small, independent publishers are willing to take more risks on authors and that they tend to focus on creativity and originality over sales. Authors like working with them because they get greater input into things like cover designs, without the hassle of self-publishing. Also, big publishers have been getting a lot of criticism, and readers and authors are turning more to small, independent publishers, because of various scandals, including a recent price fixing scandal. To read about the price fixing scandal, go here. Here are some of our favorite publishers and favorite books they've published.

1. Zumaya Publications

The website for Zumaya Publications says that they support irresponsible reading. They're one of my favorites because they also support independent bookstores. Liz, the editor, has been known to tell people to buy Zumaya Publications from us and another independent bookstore closer to them. The cats' favorite book from them seems to be Dreams of Darkness by Elizabeth Burton, which you can buy here for $14.99. They publish a lot of YA and upper middle grade books like Rutherford, Canine Comic, which you can buy here for $14.99. Our favorite books from Zumaya include The Crown of Zeus, which you can buy here for $15.99, and No More Goddesses, which you can buy here for $14.99

2. Lanternfish Press

Lanternfish Press is known for their "rare and strange" books. My favorite thing about them? They support independent bookstores, and when talking their books, almost always tell people to buy them from independent bookstores. Out of the Lanternfish Press books the shop has in stock, my favorite is definitely The Quelling by Barbara Barrow, which you can buy here for $18. It has everything the millennial reader could want: mental illness, two sisters who have spent most of their lives in a locked psych ward, abortion-hating protestors, and a creepy doctor. Another Lanternfish Press book, Elegy for the Undead, by Matthew Vesely is a close second, though. It's about two newlywed husbands and the aftermath when one is turned into a zombie during a vicious attack. It's very reminiscent of the last year. You can buy it here for $14. Other popular books we have in stock from them include Daughter of the Air, which you can buy here for $16, and Tales of the Astonishing Black Spark, which you can buy here for $18.

3. Ashland Creek Press

Ashland Creek Press is a small publisher based in Ashland, Oregon that focuses on environmental narrative nonfiction, ecofiction, and vegan fiction or nonfiction. My favorite is The Crows of Beara by Julie Christine Johnson, which you can buy here for $18.95. The main character, Annie, is a recovering alcoholic putting her life back together when she travels to Ireland for business. She's supposed to be promoting a new copper mine in Beara, Ireland. However, once she's there, she learns that not only the mine would encroach on the nesting grounds of an endangered bird, but that the locals are fiercely protective of their home and resistant. She falls in love with the brother of the woman organizing the resistance to the mine, who has demons of his own. I also liked The Green and the Red by Armand Chauvel, which you can buy here for $17.95. I liked it because the main character, Lea, owns a struggling vegetarian restaurant in a small town in Brittany, French. (I'm a big fan of small businesses. What can I say?) The town's biggest pork producer wants to take over her location because it's prime real estate and would make the perfect location for a museum. Other favorites include The Tourist Trail by John Yunker, which you can buy here for $18.95 and Forgetting English by Midge Raymond, which you can buy here for $17.95.


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