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Book review: The Quelling, by Barbara Barrow

Posted by Melissa Eisenmeier on

The Quelling by Barbara Barrow was something both Stan Lee and I liked. As soon as I brought it home from the Baltimore Book Festival three years ago, he sat on it, pawed it, and wouldn't let me touch it.

Addie and Dorian are sisters who have spent most of their lives in a locked psych ward. They're clever and beautiful, but violent and diagnosed with a rare mental disorder called Reactive Attachment Disorder. Now that the girls are on the cusp of adulthood, Addie has a plan to start a new family, ostensibly to replace the one she lost when she was little. The girls' psychiatrist, however, has other plans: a controversial and potentially dangerous therapy that might or might not cure them.

I liked it because it's still somewhat rare to see mental illness portrayed in books, and because the story was well-written. Stan Lee liked it because the girls, and Addie in particular, are smart and beautiful, and he's smart and handsome. 

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