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Best book for the environmentalist in your life

Posted by Melissa Eisenmeier on

Looking for some Christmas gifts for the environmentalist in your life? Here are some eco-fiction novels we recommend. All are new and in stock on our website, and we've got some special deals for the weekend after Thanksgiving: get 10% off everything on Friday when you use Plaid Friday at checkout, and 20% off on Saturday when you use promo code Small Saturday at checkout. We're also offering free delivery if you live in Baltimore in addition to the promo codes. Links to buy are highlighted and bold.

1. The Crows of Beara, by Julie Christine Johnson

I enjoyed The Crows of Beara because it's so lyrical and well-written, but even more than that, I enjoyed it because it's mostly set in Ireland. Annie is fresh out of rehab and is struggling to save her marriage and her career when her boss gives her the assignment of convincing the residents of Beara, a small village in Ireland to agree to a copper mine. Despite being good for the village's struggling economy, a lot of the locals are dead set against the mine, because it would destroy the environment and the habitat of a beloved but endangered bird that nests in the area where the mine is going to be. One of the residents recruited to help stop the mine is Daniel, a local artist with demons of his own. Despite their differences, Annie and Daniel are drawn together by a mysterious voice. Along the way, Annie must confront the half truths she has been sent to disseminate, as well as the lies she's been telling herself. $18.95. Buy it here.

2. Forgetting English, by Midge Raymond

My retired shop cat, Stan Lee, liked Forgetting English by Midge Raymond. A lot. It was so good it made him purr. Stan Lee said one of the reasons he liked it was because it's a collection of short stories, which he could read in between sitting on me and napping. The characters in the stories in the book travel for adventure, for work, and other reasons. In Stan Lee's favorite story, a woman is visiting her sister in Tonga, who's there because she got her Peace Corps stint there extended into a permanent residence. $17.95. Buy it here. 

3. The Tourist Trail, by John Yunker

The part I liked best about The Tourist Trail were the penguins. The ones featured in this book are endangered living in a remote part of the world, and there's a group of people protecting them.

Angela Haynes is a biologist accustomed to dark, lonely nights as one of the few humans at a penguin research station in Patagonia. She's used to listening to the penguins' cries and the meager supplies... Strange men who wash ashore, not so much. The man who washes ashore won't tell Angela anything about himself, but Angela, with her soft spot for strays, takes care of him. As she's taking care of him, she begins to fall in love with him. $18.95. Buy it here. 


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