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3 books Stan Lee recommends

Posted by Melissa Eisenmeier on

Meowr, We live in interesting times. I’m Stan Lee, the bookstore cat at Carpe Librum Bookstore and Art Gallery. Usually, I would be demanding you pay homage to me in the bookstore, but I’m convalescing at the human’s house while I recover from a fractured tooth. The humans are manning the bookstore in the meantime, selling books at the bookstore in person, delivering books, and mailing books out. 

Here are three books I recommend purr-chasing at the bookstore, either online or in-store.

No More Goddesses by Kim Baccellia: When fifteen-year-old Jordan discovers an ancient bracelet in her grandmother’s house, she unleashes the curse of Hathor, an Egyptian love goddess. Can she vanquish the goddess before she ruins her chance for a date to the dance and destroys the world? I love reading about my peers, and Egypt was one of the times we domesticated you humans, such fond memories. New, $14.99


Forgetting English by Midge Raymond: This collection of short stories is purr-fect for reading in between naps, which are extremely important. It even won an award. I know it won my heart after it arrived. It was so good it made me purr, and I couldn't keep my paws off it. Also, the author is a confirmed cat lady, and everyone knows cat people make the best writers. Forgetting English explores the indelible imprint of home. New, $17.95


Witches Dance, by Erin Eileen AlmondHilda Greer discovered the violin at the age of seven, when she attended a performance by the virtuoso Phillip Manns. She believed him with a child’s faith when he declared himself the reincarnation of Niccolò Paganini and then dashed from the stage. Manns disappeared from the music world after that catastrophic performance. Nearly a decade after his breakdown, Phillip Manns lives a reclusive life, until a former colleague begs him to teach at a nearby conservatory. I liked it because virtuosos are the best at what they do. Phillip Mann, like me, is a virtuoso: he's a musical one, and I'm a feline one. New, $18.


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