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3 books Stan Lee read by osmosis while simultaneously demanding worship

Posted by Melissa Eisenmeier on

Ah yes, the joys of having a furry, dark, and handsome cat park himself on a book you're trying to enjoy and read it by osmosis... While he simultaneously demands you worship him like the god he is. There's nothing quite like it. Here are 3 books Stan Lee enjoyed and read by osmosis.

1. No More Goddesses, by Kim Baccellia

It's easy to see why Stan Lee liked this book. There's two goddesses, and he says Egyptian gods and goddesses are his peers. 15-year-old Jordan Lake finds a bracelet her favorite actress, Audrey Hepburn wore in a movie. She puts it on, hoping it will bring her love, but instead, the ancient Egyptian goddess of love, Hathor, is released and proceeds to wreck havoc on Audrey and the entire McKnight High School social scene. Bast, the Egyptian goddess of home, cats, and other things, shows up in the form of a cat to protect Jordan. (I think Bast was Stan Lee's favorite character. The author says she envisioned Bast looking like Stan Lee. Hathor was probably his second favorite character, though.)

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2. Elegy for the Undead, by Matthew Vesely

It's a little less clear why Stan Lee liked Elegy for the Undead. There's no gods or goddesses. I think it's the people-in-love thing, though; he loves being loved, and seems to have an insatiable need to be loved. The main characters, newlywed husbands Jude and Lyle, are enjoying married life when a zombie attack leaves Lyle infected with a new disease. He transforms into a violent, unrecognizable person, and Lyle and Jude have to face the last months they have together before the unthinkable happens. 

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3. The Crows of Beara, by Julie Christine Johnson

The Crows of Beara is another book that Stan Lee liked, but it's not as obvious why he liked it. Personally, I suspect the author is a cat lady and that's why he likes it. He likes authors who are cat people and says they make the best writers. When Annie travels to Ireland for business, her career and marriage are hanging in the balance. She's fresh out of rehab and struggling to get her life back together when she agrees to convince the residents of Beara, Ireland to agree to a copper mine. However, once she's there, she learns the residents are incredibly protective of their home. The land where the mine is supposed to be built is also home to an endangered bird. While Annie is in Ireland, she meets meets the brother of the person leading the resistance. Despite their differences, the two are drawn together. 

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