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Our Bookish Lives

3 historical fiction novels we love

Posted by Melissa Eisenmeier on

I blame American Girl. If I hadn't gotten their magazine as a kid and been introduced to their historical fiction series for the 8-12 set, I probably wouldn't be as obsessed with historical fiction as I am today. Here are three historical fiction novels I read and loved that are currently available at the bookstore's website. I read The Ambitious Madame Bonaparte after one of my Goodreads groups, the Historical Fictionistas, picked it as their book of the month a couple years ago. Betsy Patterson is a socialite in a prominent Baltimore family when she meets Napoleon Bonaparte's brother Jerome...

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Posted by Trisha T. on

With a recently deceased mother, an absentee father, a recently severed relationship and an English teacher out to get her, Iris Moody is a 16 year old girl with some understandable anger issues stemming from the crappy hand life has dealt her.  After a misunderstanding at school, she not only fails English and is relegated to having to attend summer school, but she ends up being arrested and given community service at a dog rehabilitation program. As far as community service goes, working with dogs is pretty great, right? Not for Iris.

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